I’ve since discovered that there are certain images that were made to animate and certain images that just aren’t. Picking the right image to work with is half the job, really. I’ve had some hit and misses along the way (not just animating Star Wars images either) and I think I might be a little better at picking the images that will just shine once they are animated.

I took one look at this image by artist Raymond Swanland and knew it would make a beautiful animation – I think I picked the right one πŸ™‚



This piece of art is amazing, I couldn’t stay away from it – as you can see I’ve added some special “animations” to the original image by artist Dominicdrawsart on Tumblr. This was not an easy piece to animate either, not for me. I’m still getting used to the tool but I think I am improving in little steps πŸ™‚


I’ve taken a teeny tiny little break from playing SWTOR so I can create all of this fun motion art and I think it’s really paid off! Now, I am going to try and focus any motion art I do for the next few days on SWTOR. I’m also hoping to continue my trading and armour comparisons very soon. I had real fun with the animation above, adding the blue orbs to Vaylin’s hands really makes the animation “pop”. What do you think?