Meeting Over

And I’m still standing with a smile on my face. We were able to get our roster implemented on a test run for 3 months but we’re pretty sure this roster will stay since we designed it 😁😎

Management were happy so yeah, crisis averted… until the next one lol 😂🤣

I’m testing hashtags on Instagram

I’ve been reading that hashtags and their use make very little difference to the visibility of your post. I’m going to create posts without tags today to test this theory 😆

Star Wars Art Edits – Rey and Kylo Ren

More edits and GIFs

My animation of Rey Art by Ilafox on Tumblr

The Darkness and The Light Galaxy of Heroes art

If you are a Manager…

You should heed your words. You are supposed to be leading by example. In what world do you think it’s ok to talk badly about one of your staff to their teammates? It’s not okay, and you are an unprofessional PoS 😞

For anyone wondering, I am talking about a friend, not myself 😊

Star Wars fans; will they ever get along?

I do not identify with any one-star wars fandom group. I am not a “reylo” supporter nor am I anti reylo. I don’t think any trilogy is necessarily better than any other. I am a Star Wars fan without boundaries. I choose to love it all, come what may. Which is why I guess I never felt like I belonged on social media because I never really agreed with any particular group.

I think it’s sad when something you love turns on itself because people believe what they have to say is right and therefore everyone else is wrong. That’s just silly because nobody but the creators can have that honour and even then, they probably wonder about it.

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