Hux Part 2


Journal Entry 08

General Hux has asked to see me tonight… but why?

One thing is clear – he somehow has access to my personal journal and he has read at least one entry in it. It would be safe to assume he’s read everything.

So he knows what I’ve been thinking, he knows what I’ve been hiding. What am I going to do??!!

… think Teisya, think!

I’m pacing the room right now. I need to get a grip. I need to focus.

So it seems there are two ways around this; I could either do my best to try and seduce him and therefore make him feel like he has control, or…

I could kill him and remove the obstacle.

He’s the most important man in The First Order with guards watching his every move. Killing Hux here, aboard The Finalizer would be next to impossible – even for me.

I’ve changed the location and codes to access my journal so he’ll have a much more difficult time knowing what is going on inside my head.

Like a game of Dejarik, it’s my move next…

I’ve seen a side to Hux that is dangerous and menacing. A side of him that he seems to share openly and without regret. Could he be the perfect man?

Until I know what he wants, I can’t do a thing but obey. Obey his request and live or disobey his request and die.

I’m not afraid of death. In fact, one of the reasons I have survived where others have failed is because I accept and embrace it. Death is not the end…

In death, we are renewed.

I’ll do what I am told until the time comes to consider other options.