I dunno what’s going on. Writing has never been something I did for the sake of it. I’ve always felt that my feelings are the fuel that drives me to write but every time I try to write I just don’t feel much of anything apart from when I’m writing about not being able to write! It even sounds silly when I read it back to myself. I mentioned in a previous post that I was going to find that ‘flow’ again. Well, I did spend some time editing and updating my posts for Tumblr only to find that I had misplaced parts of the story so I’ve had to adjust the other pieces to fit in around the new order of events. Whilst this seems like it could be a move backwards, it might just be the thing I need to get my character past this little ditch she is always falling into.




This is going to be short and sound a little harsh but sometimes I feel like I’m going crazy at work. I don’t know why I do this but I do. The stupid thing is I actually find it annoying and wish I didn’t do it but whenever I see people pissing about instead of working, I genuinely feel annoyed. Don’t get me wrong, if there’s nothing to do and everything is up to date, fair enough. But when I know there is work to do and people muck around it just makes me want to walk straight back into the management role I walked away from just so I could ask them what they were doing.

Is that bad? I kinda feel it is a little.

This feeling also goes hand in hand with absenteeism. Last week a colleague of mine went drinking and called in sick the next day. I was told to tell the manager about it but I didn’t. I see people taking sickies all the time when they’re not sick. I wasn’t going to betray my colleague but at the same time I felt disappointed by what my colleague did.

I know I shouldn’t care but I do and I’m not quite sure how to not care like everyone else. It makes me feel like I’m a bit of a freak to be honest…

I’m going to put it down to my strict German upbringing and leave it at that. It’s trivial I know but it’s who I am. I don’t know how to change it.

As I was editing my article I was thinking that Grammarly is freaking awesome and I wondered how many other writers out there use it? I am a relatively new user of Grammarly but I can already see the benefits in my work. It’s really cool to check on your Grammarly stats and see how much you’re improving as well.

For now, I’m using the free version which is great but I’m thinking about upgrading. Does anyone out there use the upgraded version and if so, how are you finding the upgraded version compared to the free version? I’d be keen for any feedback!

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It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about SWTOR because I’ve been busy updating the fanfic and Tumblr and I was waiting for something worthwhile to blog about. If you’ve played video games online for as long as I have (10+ years), you’ll probably know that there are always ways to “pay to win” if you’re playing a game that is established enough. You may have read all about “gold spammers” or even experienced the email or message “spam” that you sometimes get in your in-game mailbox. Well, I can tell you from personal experience that gold sellers are no joke and whilst the “spamming” might be momentarily annoying, you can be sure that those spammers are earning REAL money from the gold/credits they advertise and people DO buy and sell online.

If you’ve been following any of my previous SWTOR posts you’ll know that I have amassed a large amount of SWTOR in-game currency totalling in the billions. To have that amount of in-game currency took a lot of real world time, effort and diligence to acquire, not to mention real money to acquire a portion of it. Most of the time I generate credits by running “mules” (these are NOT bots as I am actually playing them when I trade) that I trade with on the GTN either with items I’ve acquired via the Cartel Market or items I’ve made in-game. To gain credits in SWTOR consistently you need to consider various avenues of generating credits to do it successfully (in my experience anyway).

After a friend introduced me to a website where you can buy and sell online items and currency legitimately (so not by using stolen items or currency from hacked or stolen accounts), I have been considering selling some of my in-game wealth for real money. The way I see it is, if I have all these items and credits just sitting there doing nothing, I might as well try and recoup some of the real money I’ve spent in the game, right? I mean that makes total sense to me. And there are quite a few legit and well-established websites that have been working with online traders, buyers and sellers for years. This was definitely news to me. The only type of online selling I had ever been exposed to was via spam, gold sellers and online gaming forums. But it’s something I am considering doing in the very near future.

I’ll keep you guys posted on how things go. In the meantime, have any of you gamers out there experienced online gold selling/buying or spammers? Or even considered selling online yourself? Let me know, I’m keen to read about your experiences!