My writing “feels”

Okay so this is the thing – since I’ve come back to writing (after a very long hiatus), I’ve felt a lot of conflicting emotions. The first is that I want to write successfully. Successful for now would be followers on my blog (or tumblr). I’ve been a freelance journalist (in the past) for several years writing in the tech and video game industries so I know you can make a living out of it (albeit a meagre one). I’m not after that type of success. For me, writing has always been about feelings and life experiences – never about how much money I could make. Don’t get me wrong, money is always nice especially when you are doing something you love, right? I once read that if you manage to get a job you love, you will never work another day. So true and I can testify to that. However, for now, I just want to write and I want people to enjoy what I write. I have this burning desire to write now more than I ever have and I really can’t put my finger on how it happened. I think I may have gone overboard by juggling two blogs, a tumblr and various Twitter and Pinterest accounts but that’s so me – jump in blindly without checking how deep the water really is. I over-commit and often. But I am not ashamed of this trait, quite the opposite. I might be spreading myself too thinly as dedicating time to writing is one of the first disciplines you learn when you fully commit yourself to it. Perhaps I’m being a little too eager and bit off more than I could chew… again, a typical me thing to do!

I really want to continue writing my fanfic and I’d like to get more exposure on tumblr as well as WordPress so I think I’ll continue to focus on these two outlets for now and see how things go. It can sometimes be a little scary when you know what you want but you’re not really sure how to obtain it. That is almost as scary as not knowing what to do with your life and your time – either way, it takes everything that you have to achieve positive results and I guess this in itself is daunting.

As long as I hold up my end of the bargain (to be consistent and to keep writing), I am sure fate will take care of the rest 🙂



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