You imagine, I imagine

After recently returning to tumblr, I am beginning to feel like a spectator more than a participant. It’s not that tumblr has changed all that much since I last used it but it seems like a foreign world to me all the same. I am procrastinating over my fanfic and fear I am losing the edge to just “do it” and roll with whatever comes. Posting pics was just fine and dandy but now I have to actually write and let me tell ya, there are some very talented writers on tumblr. There is also a new language amongst the fanfic elite on tumblr – a new word I’m seeing all the time – “imagine” which is basically you (the writer) imagine something about your chosen OTP (one true pairing) or your fandom or fandoms (as the case may be), and you write about it.

It’s very much like an exclusive club and I’m on the outside looking in. A lot of the fanfic writers are part of what appears to be a very close-knit community. I have doubts. I’m being a total wuss about it, right? I’m sure I’m not the only writer who has doubted themselves…

One thought on “You imagine, I imagine

  1. […] Some days ago I blogged about returning to tumblr after a long time away from it. Back when I used tumblr, I wasn’t writing star wars fanfic (or any fanfic for that matter) and had no idea what the tumblr star wars fanfic community was like. It has been an eye-opener for sure and an interesting learning process as well. But I can’t help thinking that my type of writing just doesn’t fit in. […]


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