I find you Pinteresting… not!

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What is the deal with Pinterest anyway? I mean, you follow people who pin topics you’re interested in and then you just pin away. Cool. What I find a little frustrating is when people stay on your boards pinning everything you’ve got and don’t follow you. It’s like “okay I’m going to come along and take everything you’ve spent hours finding and pinning and I’m gonna do nothing whatsoever in return”. Ooook. That’s not very nice. If you’re gonna take 115 pins from a board I’ve been working on, at the very least, give the board a follow because it’s obvious you like it… right?

And it’s not like they even have to follow your account, they could just follow the board they just finished pillaging. I try very hard not to do this. If I come across someone who shares similar interests to my own, I will simply follow them. Or if I come across a board that has a lot of pins I haven’t seen before and I pin them to my board, I will follow that board. It just seems kinda lame if you’re taking and not returning in any way. The other weird Pinterest thing I came across recently is messages from people asking to join some “pay to pin” thing. I called it as a scam and just didn’t reply. Seemed to work just fine.

The other “trend” I’ve noticed is people who follow you only to unfollow you again once you follow them. Yet another stupid trend that some brat decided was cool and now everyone does it to also be cool. It’s not cool. Not in the slightest.

There are rules. They may be unspoken rules, but they exist all the same. Netiquette is kind of where it all starts but it’s just rude to do these things and if you’re spending time on social media, you want it to be worthwhile. That doesn’t mean you want billions of people to follow you, but it does mean that while you’re on social media, you can choose to be nice and reciprocate instead of just being a total twat.

Herein endeth the rant.

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