This is going to be short and sound a little harsh but sometimes I feel like I’m going crazy at work. I don’t know why I do this but I do. The stupid thing is I actually find it annoying and wish I didn’t do it but whenever I see people pissing about instead of working, I genuinely feel annoyed. Don’t get me wrong, if there’s nothing to do and everything is up to date, fair enough. But when I know there is work to do and people muck around it just makes me want to walk straight back into the management role I walked away from just so I could ask them what they were doing.

Is that bad? I kinda feel it is a little.

This feeling also goes hand in hand with absenteeism. Last week a colleague of mine went drinking and called in sick the next day. I was told to tell the manager about it but I didn’t. I see people taking sickies all the time when they’re not sick. I wasn’t going to betray my colleague but at the same time I felt disappointed by what my colleague did.

I know I shouldn’t care but I do and I’m not quite sure how to not care like everyone else. It makes me feel like I’m a bit of a freak to be honest…

I’m going to put it down to my strict German upbringing and leave it at that. It’s trivial I know but it’s who I am. I don’t know how to change it.


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