Anti Reylo vs … Me?


Anti Reylo vs Me
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I’ve started using Instagram as a way to connect with fellow Star Wars fans. One of the posts I made on Instagram seemed to really get up someone’s nose regarding the whole “Reylo” relationship that Kylo Ren and Rey fans are hoping will happen in The Last Jedi. I will reiterate that I AM not a supporter of either group in this – my support goes to the Star Wars fandom as a whole, not any particular group. It wasn’t my intention to do or say anything that would offend people but I guess if you post something, anything online you’re fair game for criticism whether you welcome it or not.


The one thing I realised about that discussion was that there is nothing to be won here. There is, however, a losing team – the Star Wars fandom itself, and it will only suffer under these extreme views. I started loving Star Wars because of my father (now passed). So I’m beginning to wonder wtf is going on in this fandom today. I have a real and deep affection for Star Wars. I am sure there are many fans out there that do too. But when someone is calling an interrogation scene in a Star Wars movie “rape”, it really makes me wonder what has happened to the fandom over the years. I don’t and never will understand this point of view. And no amount of arguing online or in any other arena is going to change the fact that I find the whole “anti reylo” thing really fucking weird.

My only advice is to remember that Star Wars is a movie franchise pure and simple. You take away from it whatever you will. Your interpretations of the content are whatever you want them to be. But don’t go imposing your views on others simply because you don’t agree. You can disagree with whatever you want but it’s not gonna change the fact that Star Wars and all the characters in it are fictional, and blurring the lines between fiction and the real world can be a very dangerous thing to do. Star Wars fans Reylo or otherwise, proceed with caution. Please. You hold the future of the Star Wars fandom in your hands. You don’t know how precious that is.

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