To all the SWTOR haters…


SWTOR Blog Banner/Begin Rant

There is a lot of hate for SWTOR. I’ve felt it and I’ve read it and I’ve become irritated by it. And the reasons for the hate vary; everything from the Cartel Market “ripping” people off to the content/game itself being bad or unplayable. But I have to ask this overly obvious question – if you hate the game so much, why do you continue to play it? Even if you’re free to play, you’re still playing the game and therefore there must be a reason why you keep coming back. It’s not like SWTOR is the only game out there, there are dozens of them, so why?

I guess I am aiming this post at all the SWTOR haters out there… the answer is simple. Please do all the SWTOR players who enjoy the game the courtesy of never coming back. We’d be happy to log on and not have to avoid reading General Chat where you are spreading your hate and boring, repetitive rhetoric.

/End rant.

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