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SWTOR February Rewards

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This month EA is proving to be quite generous with their giveaway to preferred (subscribed) players. There are two articles this month on the SWTOR official website; the first is for “refer a friend” and the second one is for preferred player rewards.
I’m looking forward to receiving the armour set they’re giving away (obviously) because it’s one I don’t own. As I’ve never officially played for rewards (PvP or PvE), any special armour sets that you can get from PvP (Arena) or from Nightmare Mode Instances I’ve never acquired (sad, but true).I no longer have any friends that play SWTOR or friends that would consider coming back. Most of my gaming friends are well involved in other games (committed and raiding etc) and can’t commit to any casual gaming time for other games (understandably).

I’ve never used the refer a friend system and I’ve never had “free cartel coins” other than the free 50 I think you get or 100 monthly for being a subscriber. I’ve been subscribed solidly now for two years and prior to that on and off for another three. SWTOR is the one game I dedicate most of my free time to (when I’m not on social media or working) and I’m more committed now than I ever was when I was playing with my friends or part of a huge guild community.

Odd, huh?

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