But I don’t wanna be just another “news” site…

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When I started this site, I had plans to make it into a Star Wars blog dedicated to Star Wars. That was before I decided to share this space with my SWTOR obsession and writing (fan fiction). For the most part, I think these three subjects blend well together as they integrate a lot of the things I enjoy doing. And I’ve been thinking about the direction of my blog lately and one thing is very clear – I do not want to become another Star Wars “news” blog. That is already covered and flogged to death by so many Star Wars fans. I think the hardest thing to do when you create a blog is to mold it into something that is uniquely you but is also something complete strangers will enjoy reading. Do you want to write about yourself all the time though? No, of course not (well, at least I don’t want to write about myself all the time). This is why I am trying to integrate these three things into one blog without alienating any of the visitors or readers that might find one of these three topics interesting. That’s why categories and tags are so important. And I never really cared about either of those two blogging features until now. I am also going to do my best to interact with other writers that I follow. I have read that interaction is key to gaining any type of following as well as helping to nurture your online relationships with other writers/readers.

I just hope I am not being unrealistic with my goals for this blog. I really enjoy writing here and I am kicking myself that I stopped and didn’t continue building my “hub” of loyal readers. I guess all I can say now is onward and upward my friends 🙂


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