Do you want to know how good getting 18 likes feels?

Darksider Blog Banner 18 likes?! I have 18 likes on my last blog post and you know what? It feels … amazing! It feels like I have discovered something that’s truly my own, something that I can learn from and enjoy for as long as I continue to feed the writing demon within. It feels great. And I know it’s only 18 likes… but that’s the most likes I’ve had on this blog to date for one blog post. And after being in the writing doldrums for so long, this is a really nice change.

I blogged about validation from others recently, but what about self validation? This is the meaning taken from



requiring no external confirmation, sanction, or validation.

Requiring no external confirmation or validation. The thing is, I do and what’s even better is I am accepting of that fact. I think there are certain situations that require someone to feel truly good about what they do or who they are. I think validation comes in many forms and from many sources. That said though, there is no better validation than your own. I suppose that sounds a little arrogant perhaps? Doesn’t make it any less true. But the validation of others, whether that be people you know or don’t know wrapped up in 18 stars on a blog post… that’s just cool, man.

And to those who bothered to read my words and like them, thank you. And to those who didn’t – I’ll get ya next time around 🙂

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