The return of “ERPer” XESHI Reborn


I wrote a blog post recently about a certain “ERPer” (Erotic Role Player) that was causing all sorts of havoc in general chat on Dromund Kaas. I don’t mind ERPers as long as they keep their role-playing out of general chat. This particular person seems to think she can do whatever she wants when she plays including discussing sexual acts in intimate detail in a general chat channel.The EA ToS outlines quite clearly what is and isn’t allowed in the game so you know, there is that. I guess gamers like “XESHI Reborn or “Xeshi foh” or whatever she wants to call herself just don’t care about the rules. When I found out that she was an “ERPer” it all started to make sense. It didn’t stop me from reporting her again when she showed up in general chat on DK under a different name. She was gone for a good couple of weeks though, so I figured EA had probably suspended her account or that character.

And with her gone, the chat channel started to thrive – players were discussing the game itself, the lore of SWTOR, the history of the characters and their involvement in the story – you know, normal stuff most people enjoy reading. One person even commented on how nice the chat channel was now that all the bad eggs were gone.

This was the game I had come to enjoy, the game how I remembered it and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let some “ERPer” take that away from me or my fellow gamers.

Satele Shan, you’re welcome.

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