Cartel Market Week Ending 04/03/2018

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I’ve been looking at YouTube content for SWTOR – one guy on YouTube does a lot of the stuff I do in the game with a particular focus on trading. I’ve been thinking about YouTube and whether or not I should start streaming content or creating content for a Youtube channel that focuses on the stuff I like to do in SWTOR. He seems to be the only person really focusing on trading as opposed to gameplay (there are plenty of other YT channels that do that). So for now, it’s definitely an idea I’d like to think of some more.

Star Wars  The Old Republic Screenshot 2018.03.02 -
Tulak Hord’s armour set, Overlord’s Command Throne and the Port Nowhere Mobster armour set

This week we have the Tulak Hord armour set (which I’ve traded many times), the Overlord Command Throne (which I haven’t really traded before) and the kinda ugly Port Nowhere Mobster armour set (which I’ve never traded). Without even looking at the current GTN for these items, I can say that the Tulak Hord armour will definitely sell but probably not for the higher end of 100 million plus that I’ve seen it sell for in the past. I reckon it’ll go for around 50-60 million as a set and the headpiece will probably get around 20 million with the chest following at around 20-30 million. Those are my predictions, we’ll see how they pan out.

I have multiple sets of the Tulak Hord armour to sell but I’m not sure I’ll sell them this time around. What I usually do is buy the set if I don’t already have it or trade it if I have multiple sets and don’t already own it in my collection. It’s smarter to wait until the market is no longer flooded with specific items. With the new “phase” of the direct to sale items that BioWare have introduced over the last year or so, the ratio of gamers that are trading on the GTN these days is much higher than it used to be meaning that there are richer people playing the game nowadays than there ever was. So you really are competing on prices against a lot more people since they merged the servers.

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