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Logging in today was nice because a free set of armour and a brand new mount were waiting for me in my in-game mailbox.

And let me tell you the armour set is AMAzzzzzing, check it out:

Star Wars The Old Republic Screenshot 2018.03.07 - 20.23.06

Isn’t it pretty? My happy feels were short-lived as the toxicity started to leak out of dumb people’s brains again, spilling over into Gen Chat on DK. I made the mistake of challenging such a person, only to find that the longer this person spoke, the dumber they seemed the get.

I exited the game and logged off to watch a horror film called “The Midnighters” with my partner in crime and needless to say, that was a much better idea. Sometimes you just need to know when its time to log off my SWTOR friends 😉

Til next time, MTFBWY!

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