Cartel Market Week Ending 18/03/2018 – BLING for your weapon!!

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This week’s cartel market updates aren’t all that exciting apart from most of the weapon tunings are on sale for a nice price at 1,620 cartel coins. Now, this might seem expensive to some, but I’m a huge fan of the tunings and I have them on every character I’ve created. The reason for this is because the tunings are just so bad-ass! They really do make your weapon come alive. You don’t want to be playing this game looking like everyone else right? Well, think of the weapon tunings as bling for your weapon – they make it stand out in a crowd. Is your weapon worth it? I say yes, you will not be disappointed.

Take a look at a couple of mine – this one is the Dark-attuned Weapon Tuning (not on sale, unfortunately)


And this one below is the Volatile Weapon Tuning which looks similar to the Lightning Weapon Tuning but better (in my opinion)


Other than the weapon tunings, there isn’t much else of note to really pay attention to. In terms of trading, I’ve bought a couple of the Precious Cargo hypercrates to sell and a few of the weapon tunings as I’ve got a crapload of them in the bank ready to be sold. The White and Black dyes might also be worth selling if you’ve got some stashed away.