Star Wars “Who Am I?” – Bastila Shan


One thing I’ve learned about Star Wars is that there are so many different characters, especially if you include the expanded universe (which includes games, comics, books, tv shows etc). So for kicks, I thought I’d do profiles on some of the perhaps lesser known star wars characters that fans may not have heard of. Like many Star Wars fans, I became a fan after watching the (original trilogy) films and never really focused on the expanded universe until much later on. Nowadays, there is no escaping the EU as it’s pretty much everywhere and with the new Sequel Trilogy movie releases, Star Wars is even more popular than it was, reaching much bigger (and younger) audiences.

If you had mentioned the names Darth Revan, Bastila Shan or even Darth Malak to me six years ago, I would have no idea who you were talking about. SWTOR helped to fuel the fire of my ever-growing interest in Star Wars knowledge, history and trivia and now I am discovering that the Star Wars universe is almost without bounds.

By JulieG

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