Star Wars “Who Am I?” – Kylo Ren


I know that I said I would be doing profiles of lesser-known Star Wars characters, but I just adore Kylo Ren – next to Darth Vader, he is my favourite Star Wars villain (Darth Vader pips him at the post but only just). So I’ve decided I will try and do one profile every day until I run out of characters to profile (not likely – remember the EU?)

I’ve also put in a lame excuse for a watermark into the bottom right-hand corner of the image but anyone with half a brain could edit that out in Photoshop which is why I am putting all of my creations on this website first before someone steals them (I used to create and post gifs once upon a time of all sorts of things and so many of them got taken and redistributed as someone else’s gifs I couldn’t keep track anymore). The internet is a wonderful place but it’s also very, very big. The way that I look at it is if I create something and I put it on the internet, unless I take special precautions to copyright what I create, it’s fair game for other people to claim. And they will, most likely.

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[…] Star Wars is a melting pot of characters and species from all different parts of the Star Wars Universe. Before playing SWTOR, I had no exposure at all to the Cathar, a cat-like species that you can actually play in the game. Without knowing anything about the Cathar Jedi Juhani, I used to wear her armour proudly (dyed pink and yellow believe it or not) on one of my characters and did so for a couple of years. This was a long time before I started collecting and trading armour in SWTOR and I never really took notice of the “Bronze” “Silver” or “Gold” sets back then. If I remember correctly, Juhani’s set has always been a “Bronze” set but I treasured it for a long time which made the set incredibly valuable to me. As a result of this, the character Juhani has a special place in my personal SWTOR timeline. I’ll be doing an armour comparison for Juhani soon but for now, I hope you enjoy this character profile. (Image credit: Star Wars Wiki) […]