Cartel Market Update – Tythian Disciple Armour set

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Another Cartel Market update showing off the Tythian Disciple Armour set for direct sale. It’s priced at 1700 cartel coins which I think is personally quite steep for this set. The image of the set on the Cartel Market makes it look like the head and chest piece both light up when in fact they don’t. The chest piece pulsates slightly but the headpiece is just red/orange coloured metal of some description.

Let’s look at the set more closely:

Star Wars The Old Republic Screenshot 2018.03.21 - 20.35.17

I am not a fan of the boots either – if you check out the clip below you’ll see that the boots have a bit on the back that hooks around the calf and it just looks silly. The half-skirt part of the leg piece looks entirely out of place with the rest of the set as it looks almost like leather as opposed to metal.

I already had a set in storage so I’ll be selling that set but I don’t plan to buy/trade anything else from this set or the set itself.

Here’s a small video clip showing the set a little better:

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