SWTOR: Armour Comparison #3 – Juhani’s Armour Set

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Recently I posted some info on Juhani, the Cathar Jedi from both Star Wars the Old Republic and KoTOR. It seems my link to this armour is still very much a thing as I discovered today playing one of my alternate characters. This character was originally decked out in Juhani’s armour in bright pink and yellow (which I thought was amusing at the time). I even managed to get hold of the Pink and Yellow lightsaber crystal which completed the ensemble just nicely. But since “skinning” amour became possible in SWTOR, I completely forgot I was still wearing it, after all, this time (I’ve been playing since beta so that’s a good seven years I’ve been wearing the armour).

Here’s a pic of my character in Juhani’s armour set:


And the comparison images below



The image on the right is taken from KotOR I believe. I’ve never played KotOR but a lot of people have told me how good the game was/is especially as a precursor to SWTOR. Looking at the two iterations of the armour, the SWTOR developers have managed to preserve the set extremely well. The only small noticeable difference is with the belt (the buckle is more prominent in the SWTOR version). Also, I couldn’t find a good enough image showing the boots to compare this but I’m impressed with the way the SWTOR set looks against its predecessor.

Overall Rating 9/10 – Almost a completely faithful replication of the KotOR armour set. Impressive.

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