These broken feels – courtesy of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo… *spoilers*

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The above image was taken from Twitter and I immediately began thinking about the possibilities if The Last Jedi had included a scene where Luke Skywalker was reunited with Han Solo. There has been a lot of speculation about similar possibilities such as reuniting Ben Solo with his mother Leia or even reuniting the entire Solo family. Unfortunately, none of these scenarios was likely after TFA (where Han Solo is killed by Kylo Ren) and TLJ (when Jedi Master Luke Skywalker becomes one with the force).

I haven’t actually written anything “official” about my thoughts on TLJ as yet. It took me a few weeks to come to grips with some of the events depicted in the film and even then I didn’t want to write. You must understand, Star Wars holds a very special place in my heart – it’s definitely not just a matter of “liking” something for me. My father introduced me to Star Wars and he has now passed away so it’s like Star Wars is one of the only really good things I still have to remember him by. The way I look at my father introducing me to something he enjoyed was kind of  like “handing over the baton” sort of thing;  “here’s one of the things I love and now I’m sharing that with you in the hopes you might love it as much I do/did”.
So this post got kinda deep very quickly, but now that I’ve kinda cracked open the shell a little, I might as well continue. I think it’s time. I do see a lot of parallels in Star Wars with my real life. The death of Han Solo in TFA definitely struck a chord with me. It wasn’t that I was particularly attached to Han Solo as a character either, it’s just that it reminded me of painful feelings I had buried pretty deep down. And then the writers did what they did with Luke and that just pushed me over the edge emotionally speaking. Luke epitomised everything I held dear about Star Wars. I call him “The Original Hero” because he was the first actual “hero” that I can remember feeling admiration and respect for in a movie. I guess you could say I looked up to Luke as a role model of sorts, someone whom you can never speak badly of because he was just so nice to everyone. Some people liked Superman and some liked Batman, but I liked Luke Skywalker. That’s just how it was. So you can imagine how I felt when they ended his legacy.


I know Luke will probably come back as a force ghost etc but that’s not really the point. He is no longer considered part of the story, not in the true sense. His journey as a hero is over. The finality of it all really made me feel that loss all over again. So yeah, it sucked but I guess that’s life and then you move on, right?

3 thoughts on “These broken feels – courtesy of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo… *spoilers*

  1. I’m with you- Luke has always been my favorite Star Wars character and was my childhood hero. I carried Luke’s green lightsaber around, was Luke for halloween, had all the Luke action figures, Legos, etc. I don’t know what your thought on TLJ as a whole are, but as for me, I really loved it. A lot of my friends (and a lot of people in general) who are old school fans like myself, didn’t like the movie because of the way Luke was portrayed. But people change over the years, and it makes sense that Luke turned into a grumpy, jaded old man after everything he went through. I enjoyed watching Rey help Luke find his ‘inner hero’ again, and his redemption at the end of the movie was amazing. In my opinion. Okay sorry for the super-long comment.

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    1. I guess as you get older, you start to realise that holding onto the past isn’t healthy in any capacity. By this, I don’t mean that people shouldn’t cherish or honour the past but instead choose to let go of things that are tied to pain and heartache. I guess just like Luke aged and became a very different person to the Luke we remembered in Return of the Jedi, as people, we have all had our own journeys to this point in time. And this makes complete sense because, for me, it made Luke seem even more relatable as a character. Luke’s fictitious life and journey mirrored some very real aspects of my own. I found solace in knowing that The Last Jedi was indeed Luke, even though Rey trained with Luke and took over the “baton” so-to-speak, Luke was the last Jedi of his time and to me, it represented the past giving way to the new and a time to let go and embrace what lies ahead. No worries for the super long comment, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts 🙂

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