Cartel Market update – Sith Cultist Armour Set and Direct Sales

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This week is HUGE for SWTOR players in more ways than one. As outlined in the Dev Tracker thread on the SWTOR forums, 5.9 is just around and the corner and the latest update has a brand new pack called the Ultimate Cartel Pack:

Ultimate Cartel Pack

I’ve unpacked a few of these new hypercrates already and what I can say about them is if you’re a trader (like me), you’ll enjoy these packs a whole lot. I’m getting a lot of gold items as well as a couple of Platinum items also. I’ve already started trading quite a few of these items on the GTN hoping to cash in on all of the armour sets and items I have already stored away. One of my favourite items from the Cartel Market sales so far is the Sith Cultist armour:


So one of the biggest tips I can give you as a trader in SWTOR is to hold onto your partial sets and odd armour pieces and if you get full armour sets, sit on these for as long as you can. Holding onto items has two benefits; the first is that if an item has just been released, it will flood the market making it much harder to sell it at a higher price. If your goal is to get as many credits as you can for each item, you’ll do much better if you sit on the item until the price goes back up. This is hit and miss, however. Not every item will be guaranteed to rise in price over time so you need to choose the items you buy and store wisely. Secondly, holding onto partial armour sets has benefits too. You never know when the Cartel Market will feature some of the older packs previously released with the partial armour sets you’re storing. You can easily sell these later once you complete the sets. Of course, it’s entirely up to you, most people just sell incomplete sets as they get them, which is also perfectly fine.

As you can see by the image above, the new weapons are pretty damn cool. I’ve collected every type of weapon sold on the Cartel Market and still have quite a few Platinum items stored away to sell. These items fit right into that group so I’ll be trading a few of these at a later date for sure as they will almost surely fetch a great price on the GTN.

Lastly, the other big thing coming to the Cartel Market soon is direct to sale items. BioWare has stated in the forums that they will be releasing (almost) every single item that has ever sold on the Cartel Market on April the 7th. This will be for a limited time but this is a HUGE surprise to me and a very exciting one. Although I’ve accumulated a lot of armour over the years and already have a lot of the items I would put on a wish list, there are still a few times that I’ve missed due to not being a trader earlier on in the game. So anything releasing prior to mid-2016 will be on my list!

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