Trading Tip of the Week / Cartel Market Update

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This is going to be a detailed update because I’ve got a lot to chat about regarding the latest sales/trades and Armour updates that have come to the Cartel Market this week. I’ll also be shedding some light on how I trade on the GTN and upselling versus knowing when to sell.

It sold for what?!?

To give you an indication of how the trading and market in SWTOR is still going strong, I have had people haggling with me to sell the Ultimate Cartel Pack. For those of you who don’t know why that is, I posted previously about the new pack but perhaps I didn’t make it very clear that the Ultimate Pack is unlike any other cartel market pack that has released in the past. This pack is special because it guarantees to provide more of the items you want (such as gold for instance) and a much-improved chance to land a platinum item. It also does not have any Grand Chance Cubes (which are totally hit and miss, mostly miss) for traders/buyers/players and less of the crappy under 10,000 credit items that nobody wants to sell. With traditional packs, it’s very common to get a lot of bronze items that are crappy and harder to sell and/or grand chance cubes which are equally as annoying (especially if you buy packs in bulk like I do). So I knew instantly that this weekend would be a great weekend to sell these packs. I made close to a billion credits in a matter of a few hours trading yesterday and I intend to surpass that today (I’m already about 400 million in). So the pack itself is a major drawcard on the GTN right now.

Trading Tip of the Week – When to sell big!

In previous posts, I’ve spoken about selling items after “sitting” on them to gain more value and the hit and miss possibilities of selling armour over time. This week’s tip is all about knowing when to sell and when to sit. There isn’t any type of formula you can use for knowing when it’s a good time to sell. I don’t know anyone that has managed to identify a fail-safe way to do this and I’ve always relied on my instincts and experience to help me decide when to sell big. This weekend is a prime example – I took the Ultimate Pack and sold as soon as it came off bind. As far as I know, I was the first person to sell it on the GTN, starting off the price at 175 million credits. I was then undercut heavily by a few other traders so I bought all of their packs at the reduced rate to re-sell at a higher rate later on – BUT REMEMBER – this doesn’t always work. I would only recommend this to traders who know the market well and have been trading for some time. If you’re new to trading, I’d wait until it was “safer” for you to lose money (if your guess is somehow wrong). You will always need to learn when to cut losses and move onto a different product and try to recoup any losses you may have sustained as a result of poor decision making. This is just how it is folks. Now, perhaps there are stock traders/sellers/buyers IRL that know of formulae to employ when selling or trading in the real world, and some of these formulae might really work, but I’ve never used them and I seem to have done just fine. Having said that though, I’m always open to new ideas and discussion points on the finer side of trading in video games so if you have any pointers  you want to pass on, please, drop me a line or leave me a comment!

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