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Cartel Update Week Ending 08/04 – HUGE sale on the CM!

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If you haven’t heard about the HUGE and I do mean huge sale that is on the Cartel Market right now, you should definitely NOT miss out on this one. If you’ve been waiting for a certain set to come back on the market or like me, you’re just hoping to fill in some gaps for your armour collection, NOW is the time people – the cartel market is absolutely stacked full of (almost) every single item that was ever sold on the cartel market. This includes some of the special packs such as the Gold Armour Pack (which is basically just several gold armour packs in one), Gold Mount Packs (same deal) and everything else you could possibly think of.

As for the pricing, from what I saw, it all looked pretty reasonable. I spent about 20 thousand cartel coins (which might seem like a lot but for me, it’s an average amount) with lots of items just stuck there incase I change my mind (which I might do). I thought I’d take some screenshots of a random armour set this time around.

Here’s the Enigmatic Hero armour on my trader:

Did you know that when you have your weapon drawn, the laser scope (I think) on the right-hand side glows red instead of blue? Check it out below:

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