Bronze Armour Set of the Week – The Noble Attendant vs Ugliest Set of the Week – Proficient Hitman

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This week we’re looking at the Noble Attendant Armour Set which you can pick up for around 300k credits which is very cheap for a set that looks as nice as this. To give you an indication of how nice this set is, it’s almost identical to The Last Handmaiden set which I remember used to sell for millions (now you could probably pick it up for around 1.5 million credits).

Bronze Armour Set of the Week – The Noble Attendant

Screenshot (78)

As you can see the set has really nice colours that blend well, and there are no chunky armour pieces hanging from the shoulder or the wrists. The aesthetic of this set is really good, ranking pretty high up on the “sets to definitely consider” list. As well as good colour blending, and nice overall look and feel, this set also has great symmetry with every piece matching and fitting really well onto this body type. For just a few hundred credits, this set could be yours (which is next to nothing!)

Aesthetics: 9/10
Symmetry: 10/10
Colour: 9/10
Overall: 9/10

Ugliest Set of the Week – The Proficient Hitman

Now onto the Ugliest Set of the Week – The Proficient Hitman. What can I say about this set? It’s pretty damn ugly, right? I mean look at that helmet! It literally looks like someone decided to put a pot on their head and call it a helmet!


This set is actually in the silver category believe it or not. I wanted to demonstrate just how much disparity there is between the tiers of armour in SWTOR. This set is silver and therefore one would think more expensive whilst The Noble Attendant is a measly 300k to own. It’s a no-brainer for me. While this set has better symmetry than some sets we’ve looked at, the headpiece just makes the rest of the set look ugly. A mixture of metal and leather is daring and the red colour helps this set standout but even the boots look slightly bulkier than is needed for the rest of the set.

Aesthetics: 6/10
Symmetry: 6/10
Colour: 7/10
Overall: 6/10

One thought on “Bronze Armour Set of the Week – The Noble Attendant vs Ugliest Set of the Week – Proficient Hitman

  1. […] So part of this blog post is a big deal for me because I used to be an avid SWTOR (Star Wars the Old Republic) gamer having played the game on and off for years. After all my friends left the game, I stayed on and became a trader with more than 5 billion credits in the bank. One part of SWTOR I loved next to trading was fashion. The clothing designed in SWTOR is actually pretty awesome (well, most of it) and I became somewhat fixated on the different armour sets released in the game. I started to become a collector and found that I had hundreds of armour sets stored away. So I tried to highlight some of these armour sets and talked about how they looked and even rated them. […]


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