Reylo Motion Art – Boomdafunk Edit

Boomdafunk is a wicked artist on Tumblr that makes some of the most amazing Reylo art. She is definitely one of my favourite Star Wars artists (of which I now have an ever-growing list). Browsing through Twitter I came across one of her images and of course, I instantly got to thinking about how I could edit this awesome art into something even more special (hopefully) by enhancing it and animating it. So I added some image enhancements including colourising the original image and then animating it and lastly, rotating the image:


I really like this edit which is kind of rare for me, I am usually never satisfied with the stuff I create or enhance but this image is just so pretty! I also had to start watermarking the stuff I’ve been editing so from now on, I’ll only be uploading watermarked motion art.

And here’s the original art by Boomdafunk:


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