Motion Art – Jedi Master Luke and the Resistance


I really like this image of Luke – it’s actually a really good image to animate because it has flowy robes, hair and clouds 🙂 So I figured, heck, why not and finally managed to optimize it and get the size down from 42 megabytes to around 8 (perfect for Pinterest).

And to finish off this set of GIFs, I also animated this Republic/Resistance insignia as a bonus (and because I wanted the set to be complete for both Empire and Republic)


7 thoughts on “Motion Art – Jedi Master Luke and the Resistance

      1. Well, I think of myself as Pub at heart, but truth be told my two fav characters were Agent and Bounty Hunter haha. But I have a Jedi I played a lot also.

      2. Nah, I haven’t in played a couple of years. I’d love to come back for the expansions, just don’t have time atm