Please keep your positivity to yourself, thanks all the same

If you use Tumblr for any reasonable length of time and you follow a heap of people you’ll know what it’s like to get crap showing up on your dashboard that you JUST don’t want to see. There are tools for stopping this, I know, but most of these tools only work if the people you follow know how to use tags. There are some people on tumblr who are either too lazy to use tags or just don’t know what they’re for. So the only thing you can do other than unfollowing this person is adding their name to the block list so you just don’t see anything they blog about. Kind of redundant then right? You might as well just unfollow them.

Well, there are people I follow on one of my tumblr accounts and generally, I like what they post when it’s on topic. But there is a reason tags are used on tumblr, there is a reason you get to choose who you follow and what you want to see. Which brings me to what I really want to say about people who like posting “positive this” and “positive that” statements on tumblr to their followers.

Personally, I don’t care what your worldviews are about hunger, or poverty or Yoga. If I did, I’d be following blogs that feature that type of content. But I don’t for that specific reason – because I don’t want to know what you think of life in general or your favourite food to eat or your favourite poet… I just don’t care about those things when my blog has nothing to do with those topics. My blog is for a very specific topic and I like it that way.

That said, the odd “personal” post here and there is fine. I am OK with someone saying that they feel like crap today and why just as long as this doesn’t happen in every single post they write going forward because that’ll be an instant unfollow from me. Does that sound too harsh? We live in a world now where filters and filtering everything is the norm and you’re kinda weird if you’re not using them, right? So I use filters for the purpose they were designed for – to filter out crap I don’t give AF about.

So when I make a comment about wanting this year to be over already and that 2018 can “kiss my ass”, I don’t need for someone to post some lame “stay positive” mantra in response. OK, maybe they were just trying to be nice. And I would normally think this. But this person posts a lot of “stay positive” crap all the time without tags and well, it bugs me.

The issue I have with everyone thinking “positively” about something is that these people actually believe that looking on the “bright side” is somehow going to miraculously change the outcome or will suddenly make all the bad shit go away. News flash; it doesn’t. You could be the most positive person on planet Earth and it wouldn’t make one iota of difference to events unfolding in your life that you have no control over. You’re still gonna lose that job, you’re still gonna fail that exam, you’re still gonna miss that bus and you’re still not going to win Lotto. I’m not saying that staying positive is a bad thing. I’m saying that positive thinking does not and will not change the facts of any given situation just because you think it will. Life doesn’t work that way and if there’s one life lesson I’ve learned in the last few weeks it’s that it’s actually OK to not be OK.

I think that’s probably the most positive thing I’ve ever learned.

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