A Discovery of Witches is my new (ish) thing

There’s a TV/streaming show (do we even call it that anymore?) called “A discovery of Witches” starring Matthew Goode as the Vampire Matthew Clairmont and Teresa Palmer as Diana Bishop. My partner wasn’t sold initially saying it was too much like “Twilight” trying to dismiss it as teenage drivel. But I was sold, particularly on both of the lead roles.

Matthew Goode is, of course, absolutely delectable as Clairmont, that beautifully refined English accent sounds like honey in your ears. And Theresa Palmer is every bit the reluctant witch, Diana, reluctant to embrace her calling as a witch but not adverse to the charms of a beautiful Vampire 😁

I’ve just watched episode three I think and there is one scene in particular that just grabbed me and I’ve been pretty smitten ever since. I’ll make a gif set of the scene in question because you really need to see what I mean. I think I’m in love with this show 😍😍❤💙

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