30 Day Blogging Challenge – Your Blog’s Name

I’ve never done one of these before but I stumbled upon this blog and the blogger there is doing this and I thought, “Heck, why not?” so that’s that.

Does anyone else want to join me? It’ll be fun πŸ˜€ One blog post about the topic associated to each day – so let’s get started! πŸ™‚

DAY #1 – Your Blog’s Name

Darksider Confessions came from a few things in my life but the biggest giveaway is I am a HUGE STAR WARS fangirl and well if this was a Star Wars universe, I’d be a Sith, no ifs or buts about it. So that’s where “Darksider” came from, I added the “confessions” part because I thought it sounded interesting πŸ™‚

Here’s the rest of the list:

Day 1 – Your Blog’s Name

Day 2 – 20 Facts About You

Day 3 – Your Favorite Quote

Day 4 – Your Dream Job

Day 5 – Your Proudest Moment

Day 6 – What Are You Afraid Of

Day 7 – Your 5 Favorite Songs

Day 8 – 5 Current Goals

Day 9 – What’s In Your Bag/Wallet

Day 10 – Best Trip Of Your Life

Day 11 – 10 Favorite Foods

Day 12 – Your Favorite Childhood Book

Day 13 – What’s Inside Your Fridge

Day 14 – 3 Healthy Habits

Day 15 – Where Will You Be In 5 Years

Day 16 – Thoughts On Education

Day 17 – Your Favorite Blogs

Day 18 – A Photograph Of Yourself

Day 19 – Your Favorite Movie

Day 20 – What Makes You Happy

Day 21 – What Makes You Sad

Day 22 – Your Worst Habits

Day 23 – If You Won The Lottery…

Day 24 – What Attracts You (In Love)

Day 25 – Your Biggest Regret

Day 26 – Your Hidden Talent

Day 27 – What’s In Your Closet

Day 28 – Most Embarrassing Moment

Day 29 – A Confession

Day 30 – Your Hopes For Your Blog

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