Star Wars Post – Armageddon 2018

Summer is on it’s way to the South Pacific and that means it’s Armageddon time! Just spent the last two hours wading through a crowd full of young and old, cosplayers and surveyors and everything in between.

I was pleasantly surprised when I managed to pick up some Star Wars Funko Pop Vinyls I’ve had on my list for some time. I’m still missing a few, but they’ll keep. I only think that one of the Pop’s I am after is vaulted so I don’t feel very confident I’ll get that one this year, but we’ll see.

I haven’t spent much money on Star Wars in the last few months which has been awesome on our wallet (haha) but it feels good to get out there amongst fellow fans and dedicate my time to one of the biggest influences in my life.

I promised myself I would catalogue and store away my Star Wars collectables and take pics for friends at work to see. It’s the long weekend and I feel totally motivated to do this, plus it will be awesome seeing my collection in all its glory!

I’ll add pics to this post once I’m done so you can see what I mean about my collection!

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