30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 4 – Your Dream Job

DAY #4 – Your Dream Job

I think having a job you dream about is a little bit of a trap in the sense that you can have more than one dream job at any particular time of your life and it can always change (and often does, at least for me).

I’ve tried to stick to what I know in my working life – playing it safe, I guess you could say. But I’ve also put myself in certain positions where I was never very safe and in one particular job as a freelancer, I often wouldn’t know whether I’d be earning any money from one month to the next. This is not an ideal situation for some but it definitely got me out of my comfort zone so now I can truly appreciate the normal, day to day 9-5 alot more than I used to.

Your needs as a person can also change. When you’re younger, you can go from job to job and never really feel like you have to settle down because you’ve got “so much time” to do all of that and be serious about your career. But then, one day, you finally realise you’ve reached that point and you’re still feeling like you don’t know what to do with your life.

I’ve tried to stick to specific things because I know these things make me happy. Being involved in the IT field has brought me a lot of job satisfaction, but I’ve always felt like I could do more, give more – especially back to the community.  Doing tech is fine but it’s not very rewarding in the sense that you don’t really feel like you’ve made a difference in someone’s life.

That is where I hope to go in my next journey – into a job where I can use my knoweledge and skill to actually help people. That would be the closest thing to having a dream job.

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