30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 6 – What Are You Afraid Of?

DAY #6 – What are you afraid of?

I would have to say this is an easy one to answer because it has always been the same thing all my life – I am afraid of failure. I tend to feel failure deeply, it’s one of the those things that has managed to leave many scars both physical and emotional. It’s something I wouldn’t normally admit to people I know well let alone strangers but releasing some of the burden of feeling the shame that seems to follow the sting of failure is kind of liberating.You know all of those “feel good” quotes you read everywhere on the internet about “getting right back in the saddle again” once you’ve fallen off? It’s all BS, honestly, when you’re facing the realisation that you just didn’t measure up… who would seriously think a stupid little quote is going to make that feeling any better?  I know why people say it but it doesn’t work the way they think it will, at least not for me.

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