30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 10 – Best Trip of Your Life

DAY #10 – Best Trip of Your Life

I can’t actually choose because I have two that rank the same in my life – the first is when my Dad took all of us to see snow for the first time. Where I live it doesn’t snow so as you can imagine, it was like a dream seeing snow for the first time and throwing snowballs at my Dad.

The second was a trip my partner and I took to the States. We planned to go cross country trying to pack in as much as we could in a month. The beginning of the trip didn’t start off as planned and it looked like all of our months of planning was going to go out the window. But of course, it didn’t and we ended up having one of the best trips we’ve ever experienced. It wasn’t my first time in the USA but it was my first time in New York city and that was just absolutely amazing.

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Day 10 – Best Trip Of Your Life

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