We were given our new teamwork allocation list. I have been put on Outage Management twice, and ticket allocation. These tasks are a big responsibility, you need to manage any major outage that may occur during your shift – for the entire residential sector. Would you allocate this task to someone deemed even remotely incompetent? Lol… you can see why I find this whole process has been a fucking joke.

Initially, I was pushed out because I wasn’t considered worthy enough to stay in the team (I was told several different things so I still don’t know what the truth is behind this decision). Now that their newly “streamlined” team can no longer cover all the absenteeism, I am all of a sudden “competent” enough to cover the gaps they seem to have every other day because of people calling in “sick”.

As of next week, I have been officially reintegrated back into the team (with the other two people they cut) I was removed from. And I don’t want to be back in this team for many reasons but the biggest one would have to be I don’t want to do a job that the management team considers me too incompetent to do.

I want to reply to this email and tell them to drop dead. Maybe they should take a look at their own competency levels. Too incompetent to manage the efficiency in a team, too incompetent to manage and train their staff when its required, too incompetent to forecast the level of absenteeism I warned them about months ago lol.

Fuck those guys… seriously.


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