I feel like I’ve been so lazy with writing lately…

I haven’t posted about work because I am becoming a little paranoid that someone might read what I’m writing. So I’ve been keeping things to myself and I don’t like it. I actually think the stress of it all has given me more migraines lately.

I hate to whinge about work but I really feel like I need to – I don’t know why I feel so annoyed with people at work these days – one person in particular. I think I’ve blogged about him before but I never name names so it’s very possible that I haven’t yet. But this one person in my team, he is a lot older than everyone else and he’s been with the company for donkey’s years. His role in the team became redundant so he took the same role that I do instead of leaving. Now he has become a real annoyance in the team and I know I am not the only one that thinks this. He was given 2 months to catch up on training before being put back on the phones but he has hardly done any training and for most of the day he just sits at his desk watching You Tube video clips and updating his facebook account. Today I was given a work queue that is a lot of work for just one person. You have to fix complex faults and some of these faults can take hours or even days to resolve. I had to work on this queue today and this other person was supposed to be working with me. But of course, I was on my own and struggling with the emails coming into the queue.

There was one ticket in the queue that I knew he could actually do himself without any help from me (because he used to do complex faults before). I had to ask him to do that one ticket because he wouldn’t do it. I mean I get why he is feeling so disgruntled and I can’t blame him for that but does he have to let the rest of the team suffer too? I was in a worse position than he was but I’m not taking it out on the team or the company. That doesn’t make me a better person, it just means that I don’t care enough to behave that way. I just want him to either leave or if he stays, to pull his weight and do his bit instead of sitting at his desk doing nothing in front of everyone, in front of me. I sit right next to him so it’s in my face all day long. What makes matters worse is that my manager avoids any type of confrontation with staff so he sits back and does nothing. He knows it’s happening, he is choosing to ignore it. That is how he deals with this type of thing. I can’t wait for the weekend…

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