My Writing Journey – Post #1 Introduction

So I kinda just stumbled on this idea a minute ago and I just have to write about it because I think this might be a lot of fun (well mostly for me, I don’t know how my readers will think but hopefully, fun for everyone).

I’ve been writing for a really long time, I started writing silly little stories that didn’t make a lot of sense back when I was in my early teens and I’ve continued to write off and on ever since (mostly on which is a good thing and a real achievement for me, the person that never finishes anything).

I am going to do something really brave and make these posts all about writing – my actual writing – past and present. I’ll include excerpts unedited (gulp – please don’t laugh too hard at my terrible writing style) and maybe, I’ll continue some of these stories with excerpts every other day (if I decide to update them).

The writing will only be excerpts taken completely out of random parts of my short stories or diary entries. Bear in mind that most of what I’ll be posting is years old (some going way back to 2000 ish).

I hope you will all welcome this idea, I think it’ll be both interesting and informative and even educational as I move through my life captured by the random things I decided to write.

I’ll post my first excerpt tomorrow 🙂

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