My Writing Journey – Post #2 “Aura”

In my previous post I talked about my writing and how I would be posting excerpts from my writing over the years. These excerpts are rough, draft versions at best and many of these short stories were written on the fly most days as an idea came into my head and amused me enough to make it into something else. I have never published any of this writing anywhere else so there is that, too.

It’s a big deal for me to do this. I am not a very brave person when it comes to my writing, mostly because I feel too exposed and too vulnerable. I like the idea of having something that is completely mine, and my words are a part of me and mean everything which is probably why I’ve never shared them until now.

One other thing to note is that some of these excerpts are taken from short stories pages long and others are merely a few sentences and left unfinished, unpolished and unloved.

This excerpt is from 2014. I don’t even remember the premise behind why I wrote this or why I called it “Aura”. I guess Alexander was someone important to the story idea but he never became more than a few sentences – maybe something I can remedy one day.

Here you are, as promised, excerpt one (told in first person)

I remember I was shivering and crying all at the same time. I don’t even remember why I was upset now that I try to recall it. I think I was just upset about life in general. My life was shit. I had nobody else to blame but myself – that didn’t stop me from hating every minute of living in this shitty world, day after day.

I dreamed of living other people’s lives. Everyone else seemed to have a better existence than I did. I wanted to be released from living this life but I was too much of a coward to do anything about it. Such a fucking coward. That was me.

All of that changed when I met Alexander.

I must have been leaning against the window of the bus for some time without noticing that I was the only person left on it.

“Hey, miss… end of the line here, you gotta get off my bus”…

I wiped my face with the inside of my dirty sleeve and grabbed my bag. I looked up at the bus driver who was standing there looking at me, impatiently tapping his foot.

I got out of my seat, walked down the aisle and down the steps into the cold, wet, night. All of my clothes had holes in them, and my shoes were the worst so when it rained, my feet always got drenched. It made me shiver even more.

I wrapped my arms around myself in a half-hearted attempt to keep warm. I lifted the hood of my jacket over my head and started walking into the darkness.

The street was lifeless save for the street lights glaring down into the night.

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