My Writing Journey – Post #4 “User Unknown”

Not much of an introduction for this piece, I wrote this on my lunch break today at work after reading something on Wattpad – do any of my followers use Wattpad? I’m thinking about using it but I’d like to know what kind of community it is first.

So here’s my writing piece for today, I felt very inspired at lunch time 🙂


There it goes again. The familiar “ding” in my headset telling me I’ve got a new message. I don’t know who this person is or why they’re messaging me yet, here I am, typing away.

I’ve been messaging back and forth with this unknown person for a week or so now. And I don’t know why I keep replying. They could literally be anyone. I’m guessing they have to work here otherwise how else would they be able to communicate with me? I mean they couldn’t be someone doing something bad, right?

If I’m totally honest, I think there’s a part of me that likes the fact that this person is unknown. I’ve never really had an anonymous friend before. Even though it’s really weird and feels totally foreign to me, it’s also kind of cool.


I reply back, “What’s up?”

“How is the new work queue “working” for you?

I hesitate before answering. Did I talk about this before, the new work queue? I can’t remember.

After a minute or two, they message me again


“Sorry, lol, I just took a call” I type this with my face turning red, I am a bad liar and apparently I can’t even lie in a text message.

“Just checking you’re paying attention”…

I stare at that line for a moment.

“Of course I am, why wouldn’t I be?”

Dead air…

No reply, no activity to show they’re replying


I can feel my face frowning into something slightly inhuman. I lift my head up and look around the call centre and I get equally puzzled expressions looking back at me. One of my friends is making an annoying face as they answer their next call.

I slowly sit back in my seat and bring up the private chat window again.


Hmm. That’s okay, right? I mean I didn’t say anything offensive or annoying, not that I was aware of anyway. I mean, I don’t even know who this person is so like it matters, right? I try to think about other stuff, I chat with my other workmates but I can’t stop thinking about my anonymous “friend”. They seemed a little off today.