Do any of my follower friends use Pillowfort?

What’s that, you ask? Well, until last week, I had no idea but it’s the new social media platform taking all of Tumblr’s users and welcoming them with open arms. My predicament is this: should I consider moving there for the Star Wars community, leaving the Tumblr community I’ve been a part of for two years or stay and deal with whatever comes?

I really don’t want to uproot myself but already I can see the star wars posts dwindling in my activity log.

I’ve been told different things by different people so I’m really not sure how badly the new tumblr policy will impact my fandom directly. What I do know is that content that shouldn’t be getting flagged as adult content is getting flagged and that’s what’s scaring people into leaving.

I guess I’ll stay a little longer and think about it but it’s kinda bumming me out ☹

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