What I think about art on the internet

I get that some artists don’t want their art reposted anywhere. I understand why, especially if they are earning a living from doing this. But here’s the thing sweeties, it’s called the INTERNET for a reason. I’m not saying that I won’t comply if an artist doesn’t want their work reposted – but I will say “good luck” trying to control that beast, you’re NEVER going to.

I’m not even an “artist”, not in the truest sense, I don’t create my own art but I do enhance the art of others. I make this VERY clear when I post things and if someone doesn’t want me to animate their art, I will always respect their wishes. Most of the time, I try to animate things like comic covers because they’re pretty much everywhere.

But to me it’s like you’re putting your art on the internet and you’re expecting that nobody will share it? In this day and age? People live for art online and for lovers of art, it’s impossible to tell an entire community of people “don’t repost my art boo hoo”.  I GET why but it’s not feasible.

If I see someone reposting my edits, it just means they liked what I did with whatever I worked with enough to show it off to their followers. However, if I see someone else taking credit for something I did – BIG DIFFERENCE. This is where I wholeheartedly support artists online. Not crediting the artist is bad.

My guidelines are – if you’re putting it online, be prepared for it to get reposted EVERYWHERE. If you’re OK with that, great. If not, you’re going to have a very difficult time seeing your art in other places. If someone doesn’t CREDIT you, THAT’S an absolute no-no. Always credit the artist if you can (it’s not always possible because the internet is simply too big to always be able to find the artist’s original work).

And that’s kinda all I have to say about that.

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