All those Star Wars Episode IX rumours

It has to be said that every time a Star Wars movie is confirmed, trolls will troll. This means that it becomes increasingly more difficult to separate fact from fiction. Some people even confuse their own opinion as facts when you know, it just isn’t.

What I do know for a fact (as of today) is that Disney has not announced anything official regarding Episode 9. I know it’s fun to speculate, I do this regularly, but that’s all it is, speculation.

If you’re posting just for clickbait, you’re making it very hard for any fans to find legitimate information online, not to mention making a very unpopular name for yourself.

I know it’s business and all that but I think you’re hurting the fandom by posting garbage you know isn’t true.

All of that said, one speculation I hope is legitimate is the title for Episode 9 – Son of Darkness!!!!! I’m betting my friend that this is going to be the darkest Star Wars movie yet 😁