Back to After Effects Part III

Back when I started learning how to use Adobe After Effects, I had an idea for an image edit I wanted to create. I haven’t really liked using Photoshop for animation mostly because I didn’t really think that PS was the place to be creating animation, if that makes any sense. After learning the basics of animating text in After Effects, I can instantly see all the limitations that PS has and why so many people recommend AE for animation. If I’m honest with myself, I put off learning AE because I was simply too lazy to put any effort in at the time.

Now that I’m on Christmas/New Year break, I’ve got a lot more time to muck around with edits and to learn which was initially the plan back in early December. But then I kind of got stuck in the middle of making my edit. I had another idea that kinda popped into my head as I was making the first edit and I haven’t been able to move forward since. So I am not really sure if I should create only one animation and change the intial plan for the edit OR make two separate edits using the same background image. I don’t like repeating myself when I am creating things. I like each “whatever” I make to be as unique as possible. So my only option really is to change the entire structure of the new edit with something else.

For me, creativity is very spontaneous. I can go days without feeling creative and then suddenly, I’ll have more ideas than I can handle all happening at once. This is not how I like to be as someone exploring my creative side. I’d prefer that things were a lot more orderly and less random but there you have it. I can only go with the flow so to speak and work with my creative spurts when they happen (and sometimes these “spurts” last days, weeks or months and then I might stop and not look at another edit for a year or more – I honestly despise myself for being this way because it’s so frustrating!) I am exactly the same with my writing (which is why I have so many unfinished stories, some of which I’ve been featuring on this blog).

For now, I think I should probably create two different edits. So I’ll need to think about what I want in the second one and go from there.

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