I have many reasons to want this year to be over and done with. I’ve experienced a lot of horrible stress this year at work (as some of you will know), going through a restructure and not knowing what my future will hold. While this may not sound like a big deal to some, it’s a little different when you’re living through it, believe me.

While my stresses and hardships may not be as severe as those of others as far as life experiences go, it’s still something that I will not want to repeat if I can avoid it.

I’m looking forward to 2019, and that’s not exactly something I thought I’d hear myself say to be honest, but I am. I’ve made plans to travel abroad (mostly for Star Wars-related events) which will see me revisiting Sydney for Star Wars Identities and back to the States for the New York Comic Con and Galaxy’s Edge which I am SO VERY EXCITED for. I am also going to enjoy hearing Star Wars A New Hope and Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back with the New Zealand Philharmonic Orchestra playing all of John Williams’ original score! And last but not least, of course, the release of EPISODE IX in theatres at the end of the year.

So next year (which begins tomorrow) is going to be the biggest Star Wars year I’ve experienced, and I really can’t wait to put 2018 behind me.

Of course, 2018 wasn’t all doom and gloom, but it was a year that put my character to the test, and I’m not sure whether I came out a better person as a result. I go back to work in a few days and my holiday has indeed come and gone far too quickly. I am not ready for work, in fact, if I never had to return again, I wouldn’t miss it. Is that sad? A little pitiful perhaps? Ah well, that’s just how I feel about it all.

As always though, I am forever grateful for the love of a wonderful partner and a loving mother. The two people that mean the world to me have been by my side through it all. Life wouldn’t be as enjoyable as it is without them. And it is in this love that I place my faith to get through whatever may come in 2019 and beyond!

I wish you all the very best New Year possible, and I hope that you all have wonderful things to be grateful for as I do 🙂


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