Star Wars is Poetry – Kylo Ren and Rey #1

This scene actually sounds more like the interrogation scene from The Force Awakens, but it’s text taken from The Last Jedi: Expanded Edition


The line “and his fear – that he would never prove as strong as Darth Vader, the ghost who haunted his dreams” – alone seems to relate directly to the interrogation scene where Rey points this out to Kylo Ren in the force awakens:

“You… you’re afraid that you will never be as poweful as Darth Vader!”

The interrogation scene has a been a controversial one since TFA’s release. I’ve seen this scene ripped apart bit by bit online, I’ve seen online wars break out because of it (Reylos vs. Anti Reylos) and people defending and attacking what this scene represents in the fandom and the film. For me personally, it’s just a scene. I choose not to side with anyone opinion, I watch this scene like any other, and I don’t make any judgements on why people should or shouldn’t dislike it. I guess in that respect, I try to stay as untainted as possible from a fan perspective. I don’t call myself a “Reylo” or an Anti. I just try to enjoy the entertainment for what it is (and fangirl on the inside!) 🙂