I’m a cinephile! Movies – one GIF at a time

Alongside writing and Star Wars, my other huge passion is movies, watching them, writing about them, making GIFs about them, you name it, I’ve done it. I’ve been a member of Letterboxd for a few years now, and I used to write over there on a regular basis back when I had the time to write about movies, and I wasn’t so focused on social media and photoshop.

I’d like to try writing again but not on Letterboxd (although I may copy some of my work over to that blog maybe, possibly). Like a lot of bloggers I’ve seen, they make their blog their home for everything they enjoy writing about so I’ve decided to do the same. My idea is to write about a movie I’ve watched with a GIF I’ve made that I think captures the movie’s heart or message (that’s going to be hard but I’ll see how it goes).

I try to watch a movie every other day, most weeks I’ll watch a movie a day and on weekends I usually watch about four-six films. Movies take up a huge chunk of my time and I want to turn that into something worthwhile again, through writing.

I hope you come along for the ride 🙂


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