The Cured – Watched 05/01/2019

if you watch this, look out for this scene – it’s heartbreaking 😦


The Cured (2017)
R | 1h 35min | Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi | 23 February 2018 (USA)

Watched on Netflix


I’m gonna get this right out there and say that I’m a huge and I mean HUGE horror fan. Next to Sci-Fi, horror is probably one of my favourite genres. So when I first heard about The Cured, I was on a mission to watch it. A few other things also helped to persuade me – the movie was set in Ireland (we don’t get a lot of horror films set in Ireland, let’s be real), the movie was carried in the States by IFC (I’ve had a lot of luck with IFC films of late) and I also like Ellen Page.

So what can you do with a “zombie” movie that hasn’t already been done? We’ve had all manner of fictional “infections” over the years yielding some pretty decent horror films as a result. What I liked about The Cured is that it doesn’t pretend to be anything else and at its epicentre are two interconnected relationships on a collision course of ultimate destruction.




Our primary focus is Senan (played by Sam Keeley) who is one of the “cured” – a large part of the Irish population that have been cured of the infection turning people into raging maniacal killers. My GIF above is one scene in the film that I think has the most significance; Senan is on the left, and the man next to him is Conor played by Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, the “alpha dog” who infected Senan and befriended him when they were cured together and released back into society.

The social implications of being infected and then cured become very apparent to Senan and Conor but Conor can’t seem to let go of the violent tendencies he acted upon when he was infected. Senan, on the other hand, experiences the complete opposite to Conor with nightmares of his time as an infected killer keeping him up at night and eventually, putting a strain on his relationship with his dead brother’s wife (played by Ellen Page).




Conor is the unapologetic antagonist that manages to use skills from his prior life as a barrister to start an uprising with hand-picked “cured” foot soldiers ready to kill on command. It’s seriously messed up but in a good way. Ellen Page doesn’t really get a lot of screen time, but by the film’s end, she is easily the most emotionally scarred which she portrays exceptionally well. She is very believable, and my heart ached for her character.

I think IMDb’s rating of 5.5 out of 10 is a little harsh. I’ve seen a lot of movies about infected zombie killers (they’re kind of lumped all together, even though technically, they’re not undead) and The Cured is definitely one of the more enjoyable of the bunch (not the best, but not bad enough to see me running for the hills either).


Next up is “The Vanishing” – watch this space 🙂




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