The Vanishing – Watched 06/01/2019


The Vanishing (2018)

Keepers (original title)


Real life mysteries are fun. I mean it’s interesting to speculate about what happened, especially if there are weird circumstances behind the mystery such as three perfectly nice lighthouse keepers disappearing off the face of the Earth! I mean, they’re lighthouse keepers, what could be mysterious about that?

The journey of our three lighthouse keepers begins in the 1900s off the coast of Scotland – an Island called Flannan Isle. The men who worked as lighthouse keepers were as rugged as the terrain they were charged to look after. Gerard Butler (James) and Peter Mullan (Thomas) are every bit the characters they portray – burly men with calloused hands and weather-worn faces. The third man of the group, young and undisciplined Donald is the odd man out in every way, and this proves to be an essential part of the storytelling once the situation between the three men becomes dire.


My GIF above shows what I think is the most pivotal scene of the film – the moment where everything started to go wrong. After finding a man washed up on the rocks at the bottom of a cliff, Donald is almost killed trying to retrieve what looks like an expensive chest when the man comes to and attacks him. One thing leads to another, and before the men realise the gravity of the situation, they are carrying the chest back to the house with the anticipation of discovering what might be worth dying for hidden inside.

Although it states in the trailer that the film is based on real events, that’s most likely not the case as far as the “events” go. The story of how the three men disappeared and how the events unfolded during their time on the Island is pure speculation. There is no proof to confirm precisely what happened, but The Vanishing does a decent job of filling in the blanks, resulting in a thriller that truly delivers.

The acting talent in this film is part of what drew me to it in the first place. I really enjoy watching Peter Mullan on-screen and Gerard Butler impressed with his portrayal of James, a role I think was made for him.

Next up is “Beautiful Boy” – watch this space 🙂

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