It has arrived!!

This was waiting for me when I got home from work today:


To give you a bit of perspective, I live in a small country which means we do not get a lot of the merchandise that is seen distributed overseas (the US, UK etc.) so the only way to purchase anything like this is online. I pre-ordered this item almost a year ago which is a long time to wait for a collectable (but worth every minute of the wait). It was first announced as being released in April of last year which then became December of last year and was later pushed back yet again to January. This is just how it is for people like me living in the netherworld lol 😛


This is my second Hot Toys Kylo Ren collectable, the first one I ever purchased was probably the most memorable because I got it for half the price it retails for at a one-off sale on action figures at a local gaming store. I aim to collect all three – the final figure being released next year (most likely).


This is what it is to be controlled by your fandom lol! I jest of course – (maybe not lol) but I am a very happy Kylo Ren fan-girl right now with a smile from ear to ear 😀