Stop caring about what to write and just write!

I was inspired by reading a post over on Words by Wildflower‘s blog about finding your way on social media. There are many posts online that try to advise you on how to capture the elusive “follower” and how best to maintain your blog, so you’re getting new followers every day. The truth is for me anyway that it wasn’t until I stopped caring about this that I actually started to see an improvement in stats, followers and visitors to my blog. Isn’t that so ironic? The moment I stopped caring about writing the right thing or blogging about the right topics, I noticed things started to move ahead.

What I discovered in the short space of time that I have been actively blogging on WordPress is that you can read other posts for advice and you can try searching for the right “formula” that works for other people and just might work for you. But the best piece of advice I ever received was from a mutual follower of mine, and he told me “to blog whenever I feel like it and to blog about whatever I want”. And I can’t stress this enough. Until you are doing what’s right for yourself, and writing about what moves you, hurts you or inspires you, you’ll never find your feet trying to follow someone else’s path. You have to find your own. And it’s easier said than done but now that I understand this, I blog whenever I want as often as I want and about whatever I want because it’s my blog. Whether you have 10 followers or 10 thousand, I think the most important thing to learn and understand is your words are a gift, and by sharing them with the world, you are allowing other like-minded people to see the world through your eyes. It is the most amazing feeling when you stop caring about what to write and just write.

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